Best way to reward your staff as the year ends

The end of a successful business year means that everybody including your staff has contributed to the achievements of the business throughout the year. The efforts and hard work employees put into tasks, responsibilities or projects to achieve the best results is a cause for reward and recognition. Every staff or employee wants to hear how much of a good job they do and how much your company values them in order other to stay motivated and diligent. 

Putting a lot of thought and creativity into how your employees are rewarded, especially at the end of the year, makes them feel recognised and appreciated. So, you must do just that! Put in a lot of thought and creativity to keep them happy.

If you want to show your appreciation by rewarding your staff as the head of the business, but you don’t know what to do or how to do it, this blog post will help you with different creative ideas to reward your staff. 

Here are the best five most creative ways to reward your staff at the end of the year;

  1. Giving them seasonal bonuses: Showing that you recognise your employee’s work via a bonus can be very validating. By adding a little extra or a lot to their monthly compensation, you instil a “you deserve this” feeling, which in the long run will keep them motivated to do more so as to earn more. 
  1. Getaways or field trips: Instead of asking your staff to come in on the last day of work before the holiday break, take them somewhere, anywhere but the four corners of your office vicinity. Allowing your employees to be out of the office, at a fun resort, at a game, or on a sports field and having them participate in fun activities as a group will not only help to build their team spirit but also give them a rewarding and relaxing rest time. It is a great way to show your staff that you care about them and that you want to reward their tedious work hours with a work-free day. 
  1. Office parties: Giving your staff an opportunity to let down their hair by planning a party is a reasonable way to reward them. Instead of letting your employees plan a party for themselves or the company, take it upon yourself to host a party or an event for them. Getting an event planner involved might cost a bit more, but in the long run, your employees will thank you for putting in the work to make them feel valued, relaxed and appreciated.  
  1. Gifts: Gifts may be the most common form of reward for employees, but they can have a terrific effect. Most people prefer gift items to cash because a pretty inexpensive gift can be more impressive than the cash paid for it. It is critical to choose the right presents. It’s not just the thought that counts gifts do too. Make an effort to give individually customised gifts if your company is somewhat close-knitted. If you have a large organisation, uniform gifts are a way to appreciate everyone equally without singling anyone to be more deserving while undermining the efforts of others. Such gifts are ideal for engaging employees in the short term and fostering their long-term loyalty. Gift ideas include; boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine or even movie ticket vouchers. 
  1. Hand-written note: A handwritten note can go a long way when written with sincerity, specifically by the Boss. This small gesture costs less than a party, field trip, or gift item, and it goes a long way to show how much you care about them and how willing you are to spare some time to appreciate them. 

Recognizing and Rewarding your employees does not have to be a task. The work to reward your best employees doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be great fun for them and you. When attempting to improve office culture, morale and the employee turnover rate, don’t overlook a good reward plan. Now that you know that rewards are not only beneficial to your business but also to you and your employees there’s no reason why you can’t make an attempt to appreciate your staff, save money while doing so and meet all your goals.

To conclude, rewarding your best employees can be easy. They’ll look forward to the coming year and you’ll get some more dedicated and engaged work. Just like investing, if you put a little in, you’ll get more back.

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