Human Resources and Personnel Management

One-Off Recruitment

Our focus is on finding the right talent for your business. We will manage the entire recruitment process from sourcing up until onboarding. Our recruitment plans include add-ons like job-ready training.

Personnel Management

We manage your personnel from recruitment for the duration of their engagement with your company.

Pre-Employment Checks

We verify your preferred candidate's educational credentials, previous employment, professional certifications or licenses and professional references

Administrative Support

Process Development and Documentation

Clear processes are at the core of any successful business. We help our clients develop and document efficient processes that adapt to their needs.

Virtual Assistance

Our team of virtual assistants is qualified to handle administrative tasks of our clients including calendar management, data entry and business communications

Accounting Services

General Accounting

Our general accounting services include expense tracking, disbursements and accounting processes development

Payroll Management

Our accounting team will keep track of all payments, deductions, taxes and bonuses due and make disbursements as of when due.

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